Music Video Research

The ten music videos for songs I have looked at are:


1) ‘No Suprises’ by Radiohead. This music video is simple and dark. It shows Thom Yorke Dancing in a big, unknown room. It is in Black and White. His dancing is strange, could possibly even be called deranged. He wears a cool hat.    


2) ‘Madness’ by Muse. This video is very powerful. Filmed in an underground train station, there are  police and dogs seemingly trying to get into the train where a man and women are smoking slowly. The lighting (lots of flashing colours, often blue) is really awesome. Matt Bellamys face often fades in, he is singing the song.


3) ‘Destabilize’ by Enter Shikari. This video is of the band breaking into a big empty white room. They then perform the song in there, with all their instruments. There is nice variation between static and handheld shots. It often cuts to a black and white shot of Rou Reynolds, big close up, with a red ‘rec’ in the top right, as if he was filming himself on and old fashioned camera. It is a cool effect.


4) ‘This’ by Modeselektor (feat. Thom Yorke). This song is very cool, it starts with a girl in a room, only lit by light through a window. The are toys and puppets around her. She picks up the wooden bit, and controls the puppet nearest to her. It gets up, in a completely natural human way and starts to dance. The other toys gradually move and come to life as well. At one point she stands up and swings the puppet round by the strings, during this part there is some very cool slo-mo.


5) ‘Wrecking Ball’ by Miley Cyrus. This is a controversially provocative video. It features Miley on a chained wrecking ball. She swings around, naked. She also proceeds to lick hammers, slap herself, and stroke herself. The bricks and walls being smashed down are well done, lots of smoke and rubble!


6) ‘Nothing Else Matters’ by Metallica. This video is fairly straight forward. It is the band setting up and then playing the song with their equipment. There are some slo-mo shots. There is one or two shots of them playing basketball.


7) ‘Slam’ by Pendulum. This video featres a chubby guy playing the song from a hi-fi in the street, then taking of his top and dancing to it. There are slo-mo shots so you can really see his fat wobbling and flailing around. It is filmed on hand-held cameras mostly, to give it a ‘genuine public stunt’ feel.

8) ‘Crazy’ by Gnarls Barkley. This video I wouldn’t be able to swede but it is very cool. It is basically a pattern in the middle of the screen, similar to the ones you see in rorschach tests. It moves in time with the music. Sometimes Gnarls’ face appears in the pattern. It morphs and mutates throughout the video, various colours come and go.


9) ‘Centipede’ by Knife Party. This is a cool video. It follows a man, come to exterminate centipedes from a building. He uses his flame-thrower on them, in slo-motion. He informs a woman of them, she sees one and screams. He tries to save her from them, when he can’t, he inhales the bug killer. He trips out now, which works well with the dubstep music. The centipedes then go on the devour him.


10) ‘Toulouse’ by Nicky Romero. This music video starts, in an ordinary town at a bus stop. A man is waiting, when another in a ‘Guy Fawkes mask’ comes up and starts dancing at him. The man looks confused and scared, but eventually the dancer puts a mask on him and he joins in. They then dance around town, ‘infecting’ other people in this way.    



analysing the sound in the for a few dollars more sequence

The first thing I noticed was the ambient sound of wind whistling really quietly. This prevents unnatural silence in the scene. Next was two folly sounds. First, the characters footsteps as he walks forward. Then another as he sheathes his gun. This sound doesn’t seem to be quite synchronous, possibly an error in post-production. Then there is dialogue as he speaks to the other character. As he opens the locket, there is a folly click. Then the song plays from the locket. This song is diegetic, as it is heard by the characters and laying in the film ‘world’. He walks forward again, every footstep accompanied by it’s folly. The diegetic song from the locket is then accompanied by a non-diegtic song that starts playing. This new song adds tension and excitement. It also makes the scene feel more engrossing. This song is part of the score.      

Every sound in this scene is crucial in making it seamless and believable. Sound is always a complex composition, some added in production and some in post-production sounds. 

Video Terminology: Sound – Notes from Theory 30/09/13

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Today in Laura’s lesson we went over sound. here is a brief overview:

Diegetic: a sound that happens in the film, and you know where it’s coming from. e.g. a jukebox in a pub.

non diegetic: a sound that doesn’t occur in the film e.g. voice over and score and stuff.

soundtrack – two meanings

– a sound you hear in the film

– a collection of sounds, music, sound effects, ect. that are placed into the films. basically what makes an soundtrack cd for a particular film.


the orchestral music that accompanies a film.

Score musicians that make scores for films are: John Williams, Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer

sound effects:

noises that add believability of an action or in a scene. i.e. lightsaber noises, sonic screwdrivers ect.


speech between two or more characters . its that simple really .


Narrators and stuff, speaking…

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Recording equiptment and the ‘How To’ video

We needed to learn how to effectively and successfully use sound recording equipment. To do so Allen gave us all the equipment, and on the whole  let us figure out how to set it up ourselves. We then made a ‘how to’ video, instructing anyone watching how you use it all. This proved an effective way to learn how to use it all. We also used the sound recording equipment to record a narration for the video.

Getting the software to recognise and use the mic was a tad tricky. Though now whenever we use the equipment, we can always re-watch the vid. We cut the video down a lot during editing to keep it punchy and entertaining.

Here is a link to the vid: