Yellow Swede evaluation

After looking at and considering a wide range of music videos, my group finally settled on ‘Yellow’ by Coldplay to swede. I have talked about the planning of the video in another post. Editing went well. We slowed the footage down like we said we would to 80% speed. We then just adjusted it slightly to match it up my lip-synching and the song. We were pleased with the results, it looked dramatic like the original, walking in slow-motion. We did notice ours was more shaky than the original, but with our limited experience we were pleased nonetheless. Possibly to make it steadier we would need to zoom out fully and just get closer to what we’re filming.


We made two other adjustments to make it look more like the original. One was that we horizontally flipped the video, as we realised we were walking the other way down the beach to the original. The other was that we made the video darker, gradually getting lighter. This took some time to make look seamless, but we thought was worth it in the end.


I think we all learnt a lot through this process, about filming (on particular locations, walking backwards with a handheld cam), about editing, (the process of filming with the song sped up, then slowing the footage so some parts are slow-mo, and others in ‘normal’ seed), and music videos in general (the complications, having to know the song, about timing, and about lip-synching). It was a very enjoyable task, and I am pleased with my group and our finished product.  



Music Video Swede Planning

My group decided on the music video ‘Yellow’ by Coldplay. We thought the video is simple, yet both poignant and effective. It features the main singer, ‘Chris Martin’, walking along a beach singing the song. A key part though is that he is walking in slow motion, yet he is still synced with the timing of the lyrics.

The location was one of the things drawing us to this video: the beach! We went to Burnham. It was a bit rainy, which worked well as Martin’s hair was wet and he was wearing a water proof for the vid. We didn’t need any props, the video is simplistic. We did however tip a bottle of water on my head before we shot. We also used a ‘fig rig’ (circular camera mount) so we were able to hold the camera more steadily as we the camera operator walked backwards along the beach. The video is one big take, and just one shot, so we felt we didn’t need to use a storyboard. There would only have been one image. 

Here is a link to the lyrics: 

The technical part for this video is getting me to wall in slow-motion, while still be singing in time with the song. To do this, we put a sped-up version of the song on my phone (to 125% of the original speed). I played the song as I walked along and sang to it. Then, when we come to edit the video, we will slow the footage back to 80% of it’s original speed. Now (so long as my mathematical calculations are correct) I will lip-synch but be walking in beautiful slow-motion.   


Swede with Re-Dubbed Sound

To improve the Swede we made, our group went back and re-re-reccorderd all the sound. This way we had complete control over all the sound, and could ensure perfect quality, away from wind an other noises. (We added wind in artificially, but a purposefully recorded wind, that didn’t interfere with other sounds, they were all on different ‘layers’.)

Here is the link to the new and improved swede: