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MultiCam Proposal

When my group was trying to come up with an idea for our multi-cam production, we seemed to gravitate towards some sort of spoof. We liked ‘spoof’s’, as they very clearly highlight the conventions of something, and then laugh at them while doing so. It (hopefully, of course) will result in a product we find entertaining and funny to watch back. We did think though however, often purposefully attempting to be funny is often a bad idea and leads in no way to the creation of a funny product. That, however, is when we remembered we had agreed to film a primary school football tournament. And with that we came up with the idea to do a ‘Match of the Day’ style sport talk-show. We would be discussing the matches and footage we get, as if it were a genuine professional tournament. This contrasted with the seven and eight year olds running about, we thought would look quite funny. However, we wouldn’t be trying to be funny we would be trying to be a professional and conventional as possible. The harder we try and be serious, the funnier it shall be. A wonderful paradox.

So the conventions and set up of course we can nick straight from ‘MOTD’. They present the show in a neat, professional-looking way and hopefully we can do the same. We will need to set up a green screen that we can use to show clips from the matches. Other than that, one or two sofas/ chairs shall be needed. We will plan out a rough script but in part make up the commentary as we go along, to give it that genuine, fresh, live sort of feel. We can make sure we familiarise ourselves with the jargon that comes associated with football. We will try and do the show in one live take, but a few re shoots and a bit of editing may well come in handy.       


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