Sexualisation Debate

Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’ sparked a lot of controversy, amongst other things she has been getting up to in recent times. It has contributed to the ongoing debate as to whether or not sexualisation in music videos is ‘wrong’ or ‘inappropriate’.

Argument for the levels of sexualisation in ‘Wrecking Ball’ being unacceptable:

  • It objectifies women
  • The nudity is unneeded and doesn’t relate to the lyrics
  • Especially considering Miley used to be a Disney star with a young fan-base, she is being an irresponsible, terrible role model 
  • The song is about a break up, and the video may suggest you need to sexually empower yourself to deal with the emotions that follow. Some people however, would call this a destructive way to deal with the situation 
  • The media always showing ‘skinny’ or conventionally ‘attractive’ people is why so many girls (and guys) these days are not happy with their boddies 
  • She may have only been doing it for the controversy and attention it would get ghee 


Argument against the levels of sexualisation in ‘Wrecking Ball’ being unacceptable:

  • It is done ‘tastefully’ (there is no actual explicit, or ‘full frontal’ nudity, just strongly implied nudity)
  •  It promotes sexual empowerment, especially in women! There are n o males, just her, showing how she is independent, strong and emotionally/ sexually secure in herself
  • It is her artistic freedom to be able to put what she wants in a music video, be it sexual or not
  • Lots of artists have put far more explicit and inappropriate things in videos, yet she seems to be taking all the criticism
  • It is a tactical business move, and was a effective way to promote her song 


In conclusion it is hard to say exactly whether or not the video is right or wrong. I don’t believe there is one answer, as it is all subjective, opinion based, and depends on your point of view. I think there is much worse out there, and ultimately I don’t think the video does any real harm.